Meet Addy

My name is Addy And I'm 14 years old. 
my hobbies are: Drawing and creating stories, Playing with my dolls (I also like collecting toys!), I love to read! Especially fantasy, fiction, non-fiction, and lots more!
My favorite movies are: How to train your dragon, rise of the guardians, Big hero 6 (My favorite characters are: Hiro hamada, go go tomago, and Baymax, (I really want to see How to train your dragon 2) I pretty much love animated movies. 
Random facts about me:
I love star wars rebels! (My favorite character is Ezra Bridger)
I love Camo! 
I love Lego Hero factory!
I love ever after high!
I love wolves! (they are my favorite animal :)
I love music!
My favorite music artists are: R5, Fall out boy, Owl city, Demi lavato! And lots more!
I loved Hannah Montana! My favorite character was Lilly a.k.a. Emily Osment. (till Miley Cyrus got kinda weird :(
I love watching Disney Channel!
I LOVE MINECRAFT!!!!!! (who doesn't ? :)
I'm a very big nerd!
I have eleven siblings
I have 18 chickens, a horse, a dog, and a cat.

Well that's about it (sorry it was so long! :)

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