Meet Guinea Pig Lover

 Hey girls! This is Guinea Pig Lover! I just wanted to tell you a little about myself! :)

I am going to tell you what my favorite things are. So here we go:

  • Movie: Maleficent!!!!!!!!!
  • T.V. show: Chopped
  • Book: Percy Jackson & the Olympians is tied with the series after, Heroes of Olympus
  • Thing to Do: Read :)
  • Food: Tacos
  • Soda: Dr. Pepper
  • Dessert: Pistachio Ice cream!!!!!
  • Season: Fall
  • Song: "Fire and Fire" by Skillet
  • Color: Aqua 

I have two other blogs besides this one where I share about my life, and other random fun things! :) Here are the links:

The one word that describes me: PERKY! Heehee! I always use smiley faces. :D LOL! I say 'LOL' a lot. I am a music FREAK! I love music! Like, a lot! If you go to my blog, you'll see a lot of music videos that I post. And I am a christian. I post ONLY christian music. Well, and stuff like Lindsey Stirling and The Piano Guys...But that is who I am! :) Thanks for reading!

Guinea Pig Love


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