Meet Lydia

Hey everyone!
I'm Lydia. A 13 year old Canadian girl who loves the Lord with all her heart.
I like blogging, biking, reading, writing, drawing, acting, dancing, singing and watching Netflix ;)
I want to be a lawyer, actress or singer.
I love fashion, hair and makeup. Yes, I'm a total girly girl ;)
I'm currently in an acting class, and was in a choir but they are on Christmas break and I'll probably join them again in January.
I have a guitar which I am trying (and kinda failing) to teach myself to play.
I'm the kind of girl who loves getting all dressed up for matter how small it is!
I'm homeschooled :)
I have been blogging since August 11th, 2011...though I've switched blogs since then.
I'm a wee bit crazy xD
I'm having a lot of trouble writing this bio because I'm terrible at coming up with facts about myself.
See you Thursdays, lovelies!

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