Meet Sophia

Hello! Sophia here! You probably know me from my other blogs. Well, maybe not...anyway!

                                   Me :)

A couple things about me....

I'm 5'4
I'm in 6th Grade
I'm 11 and almost 12...
I LOVE horses!!!
I love AG dolls.
My favorite colors are purple and green.
I hate pink lol
I text a lot
I'm a Christian
And I'm a little crazy!

My favorite food is tacos or shrimp
I could never pick a favorite movie or book.

That's me! My blogs are

So Sophia (main blog)
that's all! Hope you enjoyed this quick bio! ;)



  1. How do I add stuff to MEET LEAH, Sophia? I've never had a blog... I don't even know if I'm signed in right! :P Lol ~Leah

    1. Leah- you can just email me what you want in it, and I'll apply it for you. :) Lol, it's okay! I'll make sure your in right and everything. :D



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