Wednesday, December 17, 2014

11 Birthdays and More-Sophia (Wednesday)

A Few of my favorites....
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I just read this book a couple days ago, and loved it! ;) You should definitely read it sometime. 

These I have read and LOVED. :) But I hate how they swear so much-a definite downside. :( A good story if you're good at just ignoring all the bad stuff. 

Same thing as the Divergent series. AMAZING if your good at ignoring all the bad stuff, but an excellent story. I haven't read the one or the heir yet, but I plan to!

BEST. BOOK. EVER. I loved this! Amazing!!! :)

Really good series of books. They can be confusing at times-but overall okay. ;) Roland Smith is honestly an author who writes all confusing stuff-annoying but awesome.

I absolutely adore these books! :) Very interesting, great reads!  

SOOOO AMAZING!!!! :) I just can't get over how awesome this book is! Love!

Lastly, this book was pretty good. Not as good as Almost Home, but still decent. 

Hope you enjoyed this post! You should try some of these lovely reads. ;)
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  1. Hey Soph! Great post! I love 11 Birthdays! Have you read/started Finally (the sequel)?

    1. Thanks Leah! Me too! I actually read Finally first, before I knew it was a series! Lol! :)


    2. LOL! That's exactly what I did! Except I read 13 Birthdays.

    3. There's a 13?!?!?!?! Wow, didn't even know that! LOL! :)


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