Friday, December 19, 2014

Friday - Books! Mwahahahahahahahaha!

 Okay, when Sophia emailed me this week's theme, I freaked OUT!!!!!!!!!! I love books! So this list might be long, because I have read a lot of great books! So here is my list, and they are not in any sort of order. XD

  • The Mortal Instruments series!!!!!!!! My FAVORITE! Although, there is swearing in it, and *cough cough* sexuality scenes...Ages 13 and up...ALL MORTAL INSTRUMENTS BOOK COVERS
  • The prequel series is just as AWESOME! *bounces up and down* I own the first one! 
  • Percy Jackson series!
  • Heroes of Olympus series!
  • Divergent series!
  • Hunger Games series! I own all of the books! XD
  • The Selection series! I am so excited for The Heir!
  • And other books that I can not think of right now! Whoop!
Thanks for reading! Bye!
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  1. Ahh! I love the Divergent ones (so Excited for Convergent) and I love the Selection! (Also excited for the heir) :)


    1. What a sec, what the heck is "Convergent"??? What is it about???? I've never heard of it before...

    2. LOL I can picture your face when you typed It's the new Divergent sequel coming out in summer 2015. I heard about it through Instagram...Veronica Roth's email is on some website, and one of my friends emailed her and found out Convergent is coming out, in which Tris is alive. I don't know how but....excited! :)


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