Wednesday, January 7, 2015


Hey girls...
Sorry If I make this kinda short, I am a little miserable...I got spacers today (like a retainer) and hating it...tastes nasty...anyhoo, you don't care, so let's get onto the fashion! *plays epic fashion show music*
(all images from google images)

This is totally me

Love it.


Floral print top
$545 -

Knapsack bag

I made this on

This is adorable..but the top isn't my fave.

CUUTEEE I love it!

This is cute but I'm not a big hat person...don't like the hat...

All so me...this is beautiful.

And don't forget the Vera Bradley crossbody! :)

Sorry I accidentally deleted my signature for this post...toodaloo!

Sophia.xo <3

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