Thursday, January 1, 2015

What I got for Christmas-Sophia (Wednesday)

Hello Everyone! Really sorry this is a day late, I was spending time with family since it was New Years' Eve. I'm going to post what I got for Christmas this year-all images are from Google Images, none of these belong to me. Thanks!

Finally got my Vera Bradley crossbody!! ;) In this print! (Va Va Bloom)

Donut Bun Maker (the blond one) from Justice. Couldn't find the specific picture of the one from Justice, but close enough, right?

I got combat boots. YESSSSS!!! :) Except mine are black. (Rampage Brand)

I got these from American Eagle and I absolutely adore them! :)

I got a Vera Bradley tote bag, but it's in an older print than this. I'm not sure what It's called, sorry.

In my stocking I got a lot of gum! Just wanted to let you know this flavor is it. (even though soon I can't chew gum because of spacers and braces :()

I got a necklace similar to this from Justice...not exactly the same, but close. :)

I don't have a picture for this one, but I got 2 Nicole Crossbody purses. ;)

Mmmmm...these are so good....

via Ebay...Got this hoodie and I adore it. :)

Yum yum...

My gram seriously put a cucumber in my stocking....LOL

New Sneaker Socks

Headband (mine is a different color) from old navy

And SOOOOO much more that I didn't include! So, hope you enjoyed my happy post!

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