Monday, December 15, 2014

Books that I love! -Monday Addy

Hello! This weeks theme is: Books! Yay! one of  my favorite ways to pass the time! :)
Okay so my most favorite books are:
- the Homelanders series by Andrew Klavan
- Nightmare City by Andrew Klavan
- the Hobbit
-Harry Potter!
I love fantasy! It is so awesome! But I also love non-fiction!

Things I like that go into a book:
-edge of your seat suspense!
-funny parts!
-Tech or chanting spells
- when you are reading a series and it feels like you got to know them and grow up with them in a way.
-cliff hangers!
I love really exciting books!!!!!!

what I don't like in books:
When they end :)
when one of you favorite characters die! :(
when the annoying characters get them into trouble!
cliff hangers!

Well that's about it!
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