Monday, January 26, 2015

Technology -Addy (Monday)

So this week's theme is I'm just gonna do random things about technology.
Fist things first..I don't have a phone, tablet, computer (the one I use is my mom's :) But my older brother works at a place and he gets to fix computers and stuff like that so he said that as soon as he can then he might be able to keep some of their computers and fix them up and give them to me and other sisters to use for games and school.
Now I don't have much to talk about with technology but I can show you some games me and my older siblings play on Xbox 360, computer,the Wii, kinect, play station 3 or 4
                                                  Minecraft (Duh!) I love minecraft!
                                                      Minecraft (Xbox 360)
                                                               Just dance 2015 (we have the Xbox version :)
                                            Just Dance 2015 (Nintendo Wii)

                                                 Halo 4 PRE-OWNED (Xbox 360)
We also have :Disney infinity, Assassins creed, Terraria, skyrim, and lots more games. So I think that's about it,
Thanks for reading!

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