Sunday, February 1, 2015

Being Like Him-Centered on Christ "Saturday"-Sophia

Ahh! I'm so sorry! I didn't post on Wednesday and this is a day late! I AM SO SORRY! Well, better late than never I guess.. I got a really awesome theme for Centered on Christ Saturday. I came up with it yesterday and I just couldn't resist going with it. Here we go, and Happy February by the way!
Most people say "Dare to be Different". But really, I don't agree with that. I say, "Dare to be more like God". It makes so much more sense.

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No, no, no, no. I say they have it all wrong. God wants us to be more like him-to be kind, loving, forgiving. To follow him. I believe that the quote "Dare to be different" can set a bad example. You shouldn't try to be different that God, you need to strive to be like Him. 

Being like our God shouldn't be considered different. One of my wishes is that everyone will strive to be like God-not different, not like the world. Daring to be Different means you aren't like our Jesus-and that's never good. I don't think whoever came up with this quote mean't for it to be anti-Christian, but when you really think about it like I did, it is. God is good-God loves us, cares for us, wants us to be successful. And that's the kind of person I strive to be. <3

Sorry it's short, but it was inspiring to me. Well, church is canceled tonight because of snow. Is it snowing where you are? Have a good rest of your day! ;)

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