Monday, February 9, 2015

Birthday theme! -Addy (Monday)

So this week's theme is!......Birthday! Yay! I love birthdays...So I'm just gonna tell you about the birthdays I've had.
So my birthday is October 26th, 2000. I've probably told you this before but I was born in my parent's mini van on the highway in Missouri. (BTW-my little sister Prissy, just had her birthday about 2 days ago. She is eight now :) Anyways!
The 1st-3rd birthdays I honestly don't remember...:)
My 4th birthday was Thomas the tank engine. (Yeah I know it seems crazy :)
my 5th was a ladybug birthday (I love ladybugs :)
my 6th was a Clifford birthday (I have like 6 different Clifford stuffed dogs :)
my 7th was a Tigger birthday
My 8th was a care bear birthday
my 9th was a dog birthday (I love dogs!, My favorites are huskies, black dogs and wolves :)
my 10th was a Tangled birthday (aka Rapunzel <3)
my 11th was a an autumn birthday (I love autumn!)
which is why my 12th birthday was also an autumn birthday! :)
my 13th birthday was of course a Disney Frozen birthday.
My 14th birthday was Disney's Big Hero 6. And I wen to the theater with my older brother, younger sister Emma, and my friend. It was really fun!
I have a lot of plans for my 15th though this year, Harry potter, how to train your dragon. and things like that.
well that's all bye!

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